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"savasana was the first asana that revealed to me the healing powers of yoga".

at just 14-years-old, lindsay’s first exploration of yoga made a sweet, lasting impression—initiating a curiosity that would guide her path as a student + teacher. 
profoundly inspired by the rhythms of nature, lindsay invites her students to connect with the body, breath + mind—cultivating a deep + rooted relationship to oneself. 
lindsay’s practice and teaching is a harmonious reflection of annie carpenter’s + stephanie snyder’s mentorship, woven amongst a gentle—yet empowering—approach to the practice and teachings that is uniquely her own. 
lindsay’s dedication to providing thoughtful and intentional teachings to her students is guided by her endless curiosity and inspiration to learn.

with 1k+ hours of yoga training, lindsay is certified to teach annie carpenter’s method: SmartFLOW. 

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